Secrets in the City with Dr Katherine

Speed Secrets: self-worth, sins and saying sorry.

September 06, 2021 Dr Katherine Iscoe Season 1 Episode 9
Secrets in the City with Dr Katherine
Speed Secrets: self-worth, sins and saying sorry.
Show Notes

Folks, I have been itching to share this episode with you. 

If you're unfamiliar with the premise behind Secrets in the City, I ask my guests to pick an anonymous secret from my collection of thousands. As part of my work over the last decade, I have asked people to share a secret on a piece of paper as part of a mindset tool. These secrets are unidentifiable and serve as centrepieces to kick off a rapid deep dive into some life changing conversations. Normally, I ask my guest to then share their own secret (something they've never shared publicly before), but for today's episode we're changing it up! 

Welcome to the first edition of Speed Secrets where we discuss ten anonymous secrets and share quick mindset tools and tips to help move forward with remarkable confidence. I'm joined by my co-worker, Gabby Lane, who helps me unpack the secrets in this special speed round episode!

We cover a lot of ground in this episode. From self-doubt, to telling the truth, love, cheating, and how we can live more in the present moment, this special edition packs a lot of punch.

I'm really excited for you to listen to this episode. If you'd like us to do more of these episodes, let us know by emailing us at or by submitting your own anonymous secret here:

Happy listening.

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02:52 - "I don't have any friends"

06:04 - "I sometimes doubt my love for my husband and it kills me"

13:19 - "I cheated on my amazing boyfriend with my ex and it is killing me"

17:47- "I hate the people I've hurt and cannot say sorry to or apologise and take it back"

20.53 - "I'm scared my boyfriend doesn't love me or my body the size and weight it is, despite him telling me he does daily" 

24:00 - "I feel guilty about fighting with husband in front of my children"

28:54 - "I promote health and wellness and find myself constantly going against what I share and teach"

31:07 - "I feel like I'm always preparing for my 'best life' but never actually living it"

35:25 - "I wonder if people notice me when I walk down a street but then I feel really conceited when I notice the thought"

43:02 - "I love picking my nose"