Secrets in the City with Dr Katherine

Burdened to Limitless

March 01, 2021 Dr Katherine Iscoe Season 1 Episode 3
Secrets in the City with Dr Katherine
Burdened to Limitless
Show Notes

TW: Domestic violence, abuse

Picture this: your life, and your children’s lives, are in danger.

You only have 2 choices: stay and continue to live a life of fear, or escape, knowing that the risk of violence, if not worse, is probable, not just possible.

Making matters worse, you need to make a decision within 30 seconds, because that’s the only window of time you have.

What do you do? 

Listen to Dr Katherine interview Perth’s invisible hero Bronwyn Bate, CEO & Co-Founder of Mettle Inc, an NFP organisation that continues to break the typical ‘handout mentality’ mould of non-for profits.

While Bronwyn’s business accolades are endless, including increasing the organisation's revenue by 516% in its second year, it’s her stories about how the organisation has not only saved women from a life of homelessness due to domestic and family violence, but supported them towards a fulfilled life of empowerment, education and employment.

But then, we get personal by unpacking Bronwyn’s own secret “I didn’t realise that keeping secrets was negatively impacting the ones I love the most.”

Be prepared for full-body goosebumps!